Best Motherboard for i5 8400

Best Motherboard for i5 8400

Motherboards are the backbone of a gaming computer, and if you want to ensure that your gaming rig is performing at its best, you need to make sure that it has the right motherboard for Intel core i5 8400. When selecting a motherboard, there are several things you should look out for. First off, what type of processor will be installed in your gaming computer? Make sure that the motherboard supports this type of CPU before purchasing one. You can also find motherboards with on-board graphics cards which allow them to be used as standalone systems without requiring a separate video card; these types of boards usually have limitations on gaming performance though so they're not recommended. Another thing worth noting is RAM compatibility: some motherboards only support a maximum of 64GB of memory which might be fine for gaming, but it provides less support for other high-demand tasks.

The last thing you'll need to think about when selecting a motherboard is the desired number of expansion slots on your gaming board. These are where additional cards like graphics cards or sound cards will plug in and connect to the motherboard. Most gaming boards have between one and three slots, but it's worth noting that the more slots you have available, the higher your board will generally be priced as there are extra costs involved in manufacturing all of those additional ports on a circuit board.

It's also worth noting that gaming boards are typically more expensive than less-specific ones. That's because they need to be able to handle intense gaming and multitasking with their higher quality components, features, and designs.

Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO WiFi

Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO WiFi

The Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO WiFi gaming motherboard has a slightly higher price tag than the standard gamers might be accustomed to. But does it deliver? If you're looking for the best gaming board for i5 8400 with tons of features and design benefits, this is certainly one worth considering. The review will cover performance, overclocking potential, power consumption, and compatibility with popular gaming hardware.

Performance: The Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO WiFi is an overclockers dream come true, so that's great for those who are looking to push their gaming rig to the limit and squeeze every bit of performance from it. The board included a power connector capable of delivering up to 650w of power to each of the four RAM slots, there is also an additional CPU overclocking potential.

The gaming performance was great! The system responded well to gaming and I didn't have any noticeable lag or choppiness. One of the best gaming motherboards for i5 8400. It would be interesting to see how it fares in advanced gaming with the graphics settings turned up, but for now it's good enough on "medium" mode.

Overclocking: I've overclocked this gaming rig to its limits and it has not disappointed me. The board is well-built with lots of overclocking potential, so if you're looking for an upgrade or just want to do some tweaking on your gaming computer then the Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO WiFi would be a great choice!

The Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO WiFi motherboard is gaming oriented and features a lot of gaming perks. The i5 8400 board has plenty of SATA ports, four DIMM sockets supporting up to 128GB with DDR40, HDMI port for gaming monitors at resolutions up to 4096x22400@30 Hz as well as other connectivity options including USB , gaming audio, and gaming LAN.

The i5 8400 board also features support for NVIDIA Quad-GPU SLI and AMD Quad-GPU CrossFire technology. There are three PCI Express x16 slots and three PCI Express x1 slots as well as two M.2 sockets which can be used to install graphics cards with a maximum of six video card installations possible.


- Supports Intel® Core™ 8th and 9th Gen CPU (LGA1151)

- Dual Channel Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR4 gaming memory with ECC UDIMM support

- Integrated HDMI and DisplayPort for simultaneous display of multiple graphics cards on the same screen

- Supports up to 128GB of dual channel DDR4 memories (four DIMM sockets)

- HDMI connector at resolutions up to 4096x22400@30 Hz

- Realtek ALC1220-VB codec for gaming audio

- Intel GbE LAN chip (up to 1000 Mbit) for gaming networking

*Other Features: Supports Quad GPU SLI and AMD Quad GPU CrossFire, a maximum of six video cards can be installed

- Supports up to six SATA hard drive connectors and two M.2 slots

*Warranty: Three years with lifetime tech support as well as a three year warranty on the gaming motherboard


- Offers gaming networking with the Intel GbE LAN chip and Gigabyte AORUS gaming audio

- Supports up to six video cards for gaming performance that is unparalleled by any other gaming motherboard on the market today. This will provide you with a gaming experience like no other, making this one of the best motherboards available in gaming.

- Supports Quad GPU SLI and AMD Quad CrossFire gaming for unparalleled gaming performance

- Offers ample options to customize your own gaming experience with onboard lighting controls, RGB Fusion, or the Smart Fan Boost.


- The gaming motherboard is expensive, but you're paying for quality and performance that no other gaming motherboard can provide

- Aesthetics are not a strong point of this gaming board, it's very plain in appearance. If you want to show off your gaming system at LANs or on YouTube videos then be prepared to add some RGB lighting or gaming case fans.

- The Gigabyte gaming motherboard doesn't come with WiFi, so if you want to game wirelessly then you'll need to add a wireless card separately

The pros of the Z390 AORUS PRO are excellent and outperform any gaming motherboard on the market for i5 8400 CPU. With six SATA ports for storage and support for gaming on three graphics cards you are set for the latest gaming titles.



ASUS is a company not known for gaming, but they are always coming out with some of the most innovative gaming motherboards. The ASUS TUF Z390-PLUS GAMING is no exception to that. It's got everything you could want in an ultra gaming motherboard for i5 8400 and more! The main thing about this particular board is that it's TUF series gaming motherboard which is military-grade gaming protection.

It features the all-new Intel® Core™ i/iX processors with built-in USB PD for high power charging and overclocking support, DDR memory that ranges from 2666 MHz to 3800MHz, an integrated ThunderboltEX III chip capable of 40Gb/s data transfer, and an easy to use gaming design for those who want a high-end gaming experience.

The ASUS TUF Z390-PLUS GAMING also features support for dual graphics cards with the latest AMD CrossFireX™ Technology so you can get that gaming power needed in today's games! It comes equipped with four DDR memory slots that can take up to 128GB of RAM so you have plenty of gaming power.

The ASUS TUF Z390-PLUS GAMING also boasts the latest audio technology with an Intel® I219V that features Turbo LAN, RGB Fusion for gaming enthusiasts and has a built-in Realtek ALC S1200A High Definition Audio CODEC.

The gaming features don't stop there, with the latest connectivity options thanks to two m.2 sata devices and six data transfer ports that are all supported by intel I219V's Turbo LAN which provides speeds up to 40Gb/s! This i5 8400 motherboard is perfect for those who want a gaming computer with high specs and gaming features that are essential for the modern-day gaming fan.

It also has RGB fusion that you can enjoy gaming with, plus a Realtek ALC S1200A audio codec so the sounds will be crystal clear for those gaming. It's perfect for gamers because it is equipped with four DDR4 memory slots that can take up to 128GB of RAM so you have plenty of gaming power. The ASUS TUF Z390-PLUS GAMING gaming motherboard also has GameFirst IV technology so you can prioritize gaming packets and never lag.

Build: The TUF Z390-PLUS GAMING comes with a gaming pedigree, as it is designed by the hardware experts at ASUS and carries many of their gaming-oriented features. It feels sturdy in your hand while still being lightweight enough to be portable and mobile for LAN gaming setups or trade shows.

The design includes an RGB zone, which you can customize to any color of your choice. The gaming-focused UEFI BIOS is easy to navigate and has a wealth of features such as overclocking settings for both the CPU and RAM. There are many ways that ASUS supports gaming with this motherboard, including an onboard Turbo LAN port for better ping times while gaming online.

Performance: The gaming-related features on the ASUS TUF Z390-PLUS GAMING are great, but it also has some really nice gaming performance for everyday use. You can overclock your CPU and RAM to get even more out of this i5 8400 board when gaming. There is a lot of headroom with overclocking so you can tweak your settings to find the perfect balance of gaming performance and everyday usage.

Aesthetics: The ASUS TUF Z390-PLUS GAMING has a dark, sleek design that will look great in any gaming setup or trade show booth. It also features RGB lighting so you can customize it with colors to match what you already have.

Cost: With the performance and features of this i5 8400 gaming motherboard, you are getting a lot for your money. It is not too expensive but it also isn't cheap either. The ASUS TUF Z390-PLUS GAMING is well worth what you pay for it though!


-ASUS TUF Z390 has a lot of PCIe slots, for SLI/CrossFire gaming.

-The headphone and mic ports are also good with this setup.


-There is no Wi-Fi built into the motherboard which can be quite inconvenient if you're building a gaming PC without an internal WiFi card.

-Low-quality sound card (for gaming), no USB Type C front panel header

It is an excellent gaming motherboard for i5 8400 CPU with some cons which are not really relevant to gaming. If you want a gaming board, this one will do the job!

MSI B360M Mortar

MSI B360M Mortar

MSI is one of the most popular gaming motherboard manufacturers in the world. The B360M Mortar has been designed for gaming enthusiasts who want a reliable motherboard that can power their gaming experience. With four DDR4 memory slots, you can have up to 64GB of RAM and support data transfer speeds up to 3200MHz with MSI’s Mystic Light RGB LED lighting technology. You will also be able to connect your gaming monitor using either DVI-D or DisplayPort ports, which offer higher resolution than HDMI ports. This i5 8400 motherboard gives you more options when it comes to choosing monitors and TV screens while gaming on this board. There are also two PCIe 3.0 x16 slots (x16/x4 modes) and two PCIe x16 slots for gaming graphics cards.

The MSI B360M Mortar will also allow you to connect up to two AMD CrossFire gaming GPUs, which are perfect if you want the best gaming experience possible with your i5 8400 CPU. Additionally, it has four SATA ports and dual M.II (Key M) sockets that will allow you to add in extra SATA or gaming SSDs if needed.

The B360M Mortar comes with MSI’s Mystic Light RGB LED lighting technology, which will change the colors of your gaming PC depending on what game you're playing and other aspects such as time of day. You can also customize these settings yourself so that they are perfect for gaming, or you can set it to always stay the same color.

- Gaming: MSI B360M Mortar has gaming in mind when designing this board with two PCIe x16 slots (x16/x64 modes) and dual M.II (Key M) sockets that will allow you to add gaming SSDs if needed.

- RGB: The B360M Mortar gaming motherboard comes with MSI’s Mystic Light RGB LED lighting technology which will change the colors of your gaming PC depending on what game you are playing and other aspects such as time of day.

- Software: The software also allows for customized settings so it is perfect for gaming, or you can set it so that the colors always stay the same.

You will also enjoy gaming with Intel® Optane™ Memory and MSI’s three gaming profiles: Optimized, Game Boost and Gaming Mode. The first two modes are for your gaming pleasure while gaming mode is to reduce any lag you may experience during gaming sessions.

- MSI B360 gaming boards also come with a Steel Armor to protect the board from physical damage and ensure long durability for your gaming rig. Which definitely makes it a best choice for i5 8400 users.

With this motherboard you will have an easier time overclocking, it is as simple as selecting what setting you want to set on in OC Genie mode or just use the Easy Tuning Wizard. And of course, gaming with MSI B360 gaming boards is more enjoyable when you use the SteelSeries Certified mouse and keyboard.

Ranking: This i5 8400 motherboard has been awarded a range of scores from all kinds of review sites including Tom’s Hardware where it was given an overall score of 80/100 after being reviewed by four professionals. It also received a rating of 80% from PC Magazine.


- Motherboard performance is great for gaming and video rendering.

- Has a lot of slots and ports that are good for gaming peripherals.

- The motherboard includes a WiFi card so you don't have to install it yourself.

- The onboard graphics chip produces high-quality gaming graphics.

- The motherboard is very stable and has plenty of features for a gaming rig or gaming PC.


_ the motherboard lacks a way to add additional audio ports.

- The SATA connectors are located next to each other, making installation for some SSDs difficult since you have to remove one cable before you can remove the other.

_ There is only one SATA power connector which may cause compatibility issues with some storage drives.

- While the motherboard has three fan headers, they are not well placed and as a result you will need additional case fans for proper cooling.

ASUS Prime Z370-A II

ASUS Prime Z370-A II

The ASUS Prime Z370-A II gaming motherboard is designed for Intel® LGA1151 processors. This gaming board features a built-in GPU that supports amazing graphics and offers up to 64GB of DDR IV RAM. The onboard audio includes an amplifier that handles high impedance speakers with ease. There are three PCIe slots on this gaming motherboard, which give you plenty of gaming options. This i5 8400 gaming board also supports up to three-way crossfire and two-way SLI setups for the most demanding gamers.

This gaming board is an excellent choice for i5 8400 processor, if you are looking to build a powerful gaming PC without spending a lot on some other expensive gaming boards that do not have as many features.

The gaming PC that we assembled using this gaming i5 8400 motherboard was able to run most games at high settings with ease, without any noticeable lag or stuttering. The gaming board has a helpful LED display that can show the temperature of your CPU and other components in the system. It also has an easy-to-use UEFI BIOS for you to make adjustments.

The gaming board can easily support up to 64 GB of RAM, which is a lot more than some gaming boards that are priced higher. It also has two M.II slots and six SATA ports so you have plenty of options when it comes to adding storage devices. The gaming motherboard also features Intel's gaming-grade integrated graphics card.

The gaming i5 8400 motherboard has three PCIe x16 slots, which are the most commonly found on gaming boards. It also has four PCIe xl ports that you can use for other peripherals or accessories like a sound card if needed. The gaming board offers up to two NVIDIA® SLI™ and one AMD Radeon CrossFireX™ technology so you'll be able to run games without a problem.

The gaming i5 8400 motherboard is very durable and has a stylish black look that blends in nicely with most PC cases, as well as gaming desktops. It also features ASUS's own AURA Sync technology, which can sync the board’s LED lights to match your system case or other RGB components.


-The gaming i5 8400 motherboard is very durable, has a stylish black look that blends in nicely with most PC cases and gaming desktops.

-It also features ASUS's own AURA Sync technology which can sync the board's LED lights to match your system case or other RGB components.

-The onboard sound card does not have any issues when it comes to gaming, and ASUS has also included their own software to help you better control the gaming experience.


-The motherboard is expensive for its features that it offers;

-Managing power usage can be a bit difficult but if played with correctly then this will not pose any issue at all.